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Birthdate:Dec 18
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
This is a RP journal for Daedalus, a character from the 90s-era single-season television show Kindred: the Embraced. The world of Kindred is essentially a PG-13 version of the decidedly R-rated horror game Vampire: the Masquerade, and I have tried to reconcile the two worlds where possible.

Daedalus is a low-generation Elder and Primogen of Clan Nosferatu in San Francisco, and ridiculously old compared to the other characters. He is probably the most powerful Kindred in his city, though he generally hides his true power until he has to haul out the big guns. Like almost all the Nosferatu in the Kindred universe, he has the Merits Calm Heart and Rugged Bad Looks, a host of out-of-clan Disciplines, and an odd flaw: instead of being able to disguise his looks with Obfuscate 3, Daedalus must look to temporarily disguising himself through his stunning mastery of Alchemy. (This does not work nearly as well). In addition, he and all his Clan seem to be partially immune to sunlight when sufficiently well fed, and can eat, drink and smoke.

Other than this, his Addams Family sophistication and his friendships outside his Clan, Daedalus is pretty much a Nos. He keeps his cards close to his chest, he puts the survival of his Clan first, he almost always knows more about any given situation than anyone else there, he spends most of his time skulking around invisibly or cloistered in his Haven, and he is absolutely terrifying when he has to be. Unfortunately, as the Prince's Enforcer (basically Sheriff and Scourge rolled into one), he has to be on a fairly regular basis.

Left to himself, he is a peaceful, thoughtful being who loves art, music, wine and study. He is also a hopeless romantic with a self-torturing streak, and can be a bit stalkerish, though he's so bad at being creepy that in the series he actually turns away when the object of his affections starts disrobing. He is quite sensitive about his looks, and yearns to be able to mix with normal people, but literally refuses to try until he contrives a solid disguise. (This is in spite of the fact that K:TE Nos look more like Star Trek aliens than monsters). Most of the time, he plays by the rules, since he's usually the guy sent to enforce them. But certain emotional triggers can cause him to behave almost like an Anarch, sometimes revealing the full scope of his power in the process. Generally he is both subtle enough and powerful enough to get away with this. It is clear that his obedience to his much younger Prince is based on friendship and a belief in Julian's pacifist dream rather than any real fear of punishment.

Daedalus is played by Jeff Kober. He passed the age of eighteen maybe three thousand years ago. I have too, though a lot more recently.
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